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rao jagannath singh

The feeling to explore something more than the childhood tales brings you to India and its sub-continent. Whether it is an orphanage set for baby elephants in Srilanka,the purity of white sand beaches of Maldives or Buddhism as a way of life in Bhutan,the snow capped mountain peaks reflecting the first ray of the sun in Nepal or the beaches of Kerala,the majestic forts of Rajasthan, the intricately carved temples; the faith of millions of people in the holy Ganga ,are all an experience found onlyin this part of the world.

Indenomade was conceptualized by Kr. Bharat Raj Singh Chouhan of Parsoli in the year 1996 as an endeavor to offer an experience of the special Indian Hospitality to the traveler. Right from the person who books you personally, to the person who sees you off at departure all details are planned and executed with great care. indenomade is the "Haute Couture"of the travel Industry in Asia and as an endeavour to offer an experience of the special Indian Hospitality to the traveller.

Bharat Raj Singh comes from the Thikana of Parsoli, a Jagir of the erstwhile Kingdom of Udaipur i.e. Mewar and is the grandson of Rao Saheb Jagnnath Singhji of Parsoli. He has been in the travel industry for the last two decades He himself has travelled extensively in India and abroad and therefore every information from Indenomade is a firsthand experience.

rao jagannath singh

Whether it is beaches or Himalayas, forts or temples, wildlife sanctuaries trapping or safaris in India Nepal Srilanka Maldives or Bhutan.Our inbound tour department offers a wide range of services, both for individual tourists as well as Bharat Singh groups.

Indenomade does tailor-made holidays in Asia and is operated by a team of experienced efficient people.

Enclosed are a few itineraries for you to choose your tours in the Indian sub-continent. These itineraries are not strict tours and can certainly be altered to suit your choice.
For more details you could contact at the offices of your choice by e- mail or phone as per your preference. We look forward to a long and enjoyable journey with Indenomade.
Contact Bharat Raj Singh @bharatrajsingh@indenomade.com

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