Nepal rhymes with the highest peaks of the planet. However this country offers many possibilities for a varied tourism.

Traveling to Nepal means enjoying nature and its countless jewels. It is also to discover the history of an ancient kingdom that saw the birth of the Buddha, to share a daily rhythm of legends and divine stories. In Nepal, Buddhists and Hindus cohabit in peace and frequent the same sacred places.

Nicknamed "kingdom of the gods", Nepal is a country of contrast where mountains rub shoulders with rice fields, jungles and deserts. Its dazzling panoramas, its culture and its history mark every visitor.

The Nepalese will welcome you, with a tea or a smile, they will tell you their art of living, with their religion and tradition. A stay in Nepal is the way to recharge with the great natural diversity. The changing climate offers stunning contrasts: subtropical jungles, bamboo forests, steppes, majestic mountains with eternal snow ... Nepal has six national parks, three reserves and many protected areas. There are over 6500 varieties of flowers, 450 species of birds, monkeys, crocodiles, bears and unicorn rhinoceroses.
Near the Everest Massif, in the park of Langfang, one crosses deers or snow. Leopards.

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