Sri Lanka

The population, mostly Sinhalese, also has a high proportion of Tamils ​​and Moorish minorities and burghers, which brings a particular multicultural aspect to the small island. The diversity of confessions is also mingled with this cultural diversity. To the most common Buddhist and Hindu temples are added many Christian churches and mosques, especially in the north and east of the country. In addition, the Sri Lankan people demonstrate unparalleled hospitality and unfailing generosity

Sri Lanka is a very rich country from a cultural point of view. Still called sometimes Ceylon, is a magnificent destination that makes dream with its vestiges of its colonial past, especially in the old counters and the ports, as well as the many Buddhist temples and palaces of an incomparable beauty thanks to their excellent state Of conservation. Its fauna and flora are also extraordinary: with its beaches, mountains, rice fields and plantations the island is full of species of fruits, plants and trees, as rare as precious.

From the ancient capital of Sigiriya with its exceptional rock and paintings of young women dating from the 5th century to Polonnaruwa, one of the country's most important historical and historical sites, you will be blown away by the exceptional heritage of Sri Lanka.  But this destination has many other assets to start with ... Its elephants! Unable to travel to Sri Lanka without crossing it. To see, direction Pinnawela, with its reserve and its orphanage where elephantals are collected and cared for. You can even participate in the treatments. The island is also home to Leopards, monkeys, lizards, water buffalos and birds Sri Lanka also offers beautiful walks and hikes. For an unusual view, with the Adam's Peak which peaks at 2,243 meters. It is reached by a staircase of 5,200 steps. For surfers, whether surfing, kitesurfing, diving, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking or golf, everyone should find an activity to suit their taste, as the palette is wide.

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